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Only established flight schools can offer the range of loans and funding offered by Helicopter Flight Services. Not only are we VA approved (60% of training costs paid for by the US government for armed forces personnel) but we offer the following programs too. Pick up a leaflet at our school or phone us for more information:


Atlantic Cape Community College

If students have completed active duty military service post 9-11, they are eligible for VA benefits. How much they receive is based on their length of service. If they served at least 36 months, they will receive 100% funding. The amount of funding declines with less than 36 months of active duty service. The funding covers the entire degree program from private pilot through commercial. In order to receive the VA funding, students must be degree seeking and be registered for at least 6 credits. The degree program at Atlantic Cape is Aviation Studies, Professional Helicopter Pilot Option. For active duty military, private pilot training is not covered. If the student obtains a private pilot on his own, then the military will cover the cost of the instrument and commercial training. All students - military and nonmilitary - must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),, along with any paperwork needed for the VA/military. Students may also be eligible for student loans through the NJCLASS undergraduate loan program, This program is the only student loan the college accepts. The student can also get a personal loan, but would have to be paying on it while in college. Student loans through NJCLASS can be deferred until graduation. Our veteran's representative is Michelle Andrews, 609-343-5129, or She also works in the Financial Aid office and can answer general financial aid questions, in addition to VA questions.

pf Pilot Finance, Inc Looking for your private license or maybe an add-on rating? Pilot Finance might be just what you need. Apply on-line at or call 800-667-0201.
aopa_logo AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) - AOPA offers flight training credit cards in amounts up to $25,000.00 through MBNA Bank. No collateral or down payment is required. Repayment terms are as long as five years. You can contact MBNA Bank toll free at 1-800-882-8648 or visit HERE
VA - Veterans Administration loans for education information can be obtained from their web site at or by calling the department for Education (GI Bill): 1-888-442-4551.
Online Consumer Report Card - NJ Workforce Development One Stop Career Training Center web site HERE
Helicopter Foundation International - HFI is offering an array of scholarships to answer the need for both qualified helicopter pilots and maintenance technicians. Information can be obtained from their web site HERE.
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)- Aviation Scholarships information can be obtained from their web site HERE
Whirly-Girls: Scholarships - HERE
AEA: Educational Foundation Scholarship Program - HERE
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