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Fly-It Simulators
Using a Flight Simulator in your training
Sim Cockpit  Helicopter Flight Services utilizes the latest technology in Flight Simulators to advance there   students learning curve and saving them money. HFS uses the FAA approved Fly-It Helicopter   Simulator in its instrument, ATP and CFI courses. The simulator is a great instructional tool in   simulating IFR conditions, emergence procedures and much more. Helicopter Flight Services is   one of a few helicopter flight schools offering this tool.
Authorized Dealer of the Fly-It Simulators
Helicopter Flight Services is an Authorized Dealer of the Fly-It Professional Helicopter and Airplane Simulator. FAA Approved for both Part 61 and Part 141 VFR and IFR training, the Fly- It Simulator is a state-of-the-art Flight Training Device that replicates multiple aircraft at a fraction of flying the actual aircraft.

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Affordability of the FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator makes it available to more helicopter operations worldwide.

The extreme realism of the FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator allows pilots to spend more time flying to maintain and enhance their proficiency without using expensive helicopter flight time.
The FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator is a two place, side-by-side seating cockpit with dual controls providing hands-on instruction for hovering and all flight maneuvering. A complete instrument panel is provided for visual and instrument training.

Instrumentation is displayed full size on an LCD display monitor. VFR or IFR panels can be selected or users can design their own panels. All switches and controls are hard mounted and replicate size, shape, color and location of those in the real aircraft.

If you want to try the a Schweizer at home and have MS Flight Sim download these files and double click on them.

MS Flight Sim 2002
MS Flight Sim 2004

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